Ascension Meditation Weekend

November 27-29

'Finding and maintaining your peace is everything'.

The Ishayas Ascension meditation practice as taught by the Bright Path.

Join Suharta, long practicing Ishaya Monk and Teacher, for the first level of Ascension Meditation techniques in this weekend intensive course. 

$445 for Unlimited Members

$495 for Non-Members

Friday November 27  // from 7pm
Saturday November 28  // 11.45am - 6pm
Sunday November 29 // 10am - 4pm

From Suharta:
'Before I learnt to meditate, I didn’t really see any benefit in practicing meditation, or at least that’s what my opinion or belief about what meditation actually was! I really didn’t think it was for me.

Most of my adult life, I knew there was something more than the busy, demanding, stressful life I was living.. I remembered what life was like with that child-like freedom, wonder and awe we all had when we were really young.

After the experience of learning Ascension meditation, I noticed I was calmer, less reactive, happier for no reason, and more present; which is essentially what meditation is about. In that I could see my pesky mind chatter, and my mind was always informing me of what I should or shouldn’t do, and it had a lot of judgements, assessments and opinions about everything! I never thought it possible to live life beyond the surface limitations of the mind, and so I jumped in and became an Ishaya teacher, and never looked back.

The mind can never comprehend the peace, love, joy, freedom that is available to ALL us, and it is our birthright.

What I loved about the course when I did it, was that nothing was required of me, in fact, what I was doing when I meditated, was letting go of unconscious, limiting beliefs, and becoming more conscious. And that made living life more peaceful, fluid and effortless.

Now I have the privilege of teaching to those who have a desire for more, I teach to the general public, schools, prisoners, or whoever hears the message and has a desire to live life beyond the mind limiting beliefs, with this simple, ancient and effortless practice.'

More About Ascension Meditation:
Ascension techniques are perfect for the busy mind. They can be practiced sitting comfortably in a chair with your eyes closed and, perhaps uniquely among meditative practices, can also be used with your eyes-open while you are engaged in your daily activities. This helps maintain a more positive, peaceful and creative attitude as you go about your day.

Over the weekend intensive, you will learn four techniques called Ascension Attitudes, based on Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion. They involve no belief and can be easily practiced by anyone of any age or cultural background.

By the end of the course you will have everything you need for a self-sufficient practice that will enhance all areas of your life.

Of people who practice Ishayas' Ascension meditation daily:
92% experience more love, peace or joy than they did before starting the practice

87% experience more meaning and purpose

78% experience more vitality, energy and wellness

86% say their communication, relationships, and sense of connection has improved

84% experience more confidence and productivity, and better decision making

77% sleep better and feel more rested and less fatigued

The First Sphere Course is taught by a qualified Ishaya teacher in a relaxed weekend course, followed by ongoing support including free lifetime access to the Ascensionline portal and the right to re-sit the First Sphere Course for free anytime, anywhere in the world.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be requested in writing to . Cancellations requested prior to 7days outside of the event are entitled to a 50% refund. Cancellations requested within 7days of the event forfeit all ticket costs, but may transfer their ticket to another name. 

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