Awaken Your Intuition

November 14 // 1.00 - 6.00pm

You are here because you are ready, simple.

Something nudged you, pulled you, dropped the hint and here you are. Sure your mind is curious and asking “what’s this all about?’ but your soul, the Universe, your INTUITION is saying ‘yes, we found the place’.

Join Renee and Murray for a half day workshop learning the physical tools to create clarity and confirmation of your intuition, how to connect to your spirit guides and how to create practices that will further awaken your intuition.

What is your intuition?
Intuition is such a broad and subjective term. In our world, Intuition is an awareness from outside yourself that is felt deeply from within. It could be perceived as words in your mind, a 'knowingness' or a gut feeling. It is so unique to each person. Intuition for us personally, is a direct channel of connection to the source (the Universe) and spirit guides, our intuition is the part of us that is not tainted by human experiences. It is the internal compass guiding you along the path to your truth, purpose and alignment.

To be connected to your intuition is to live a life of ease and flow. To have constant access to higher guidance and to be tapped into your intuitive superpowers. Your Intuition leads to the right place at the right time, what would happen if you could consistently listen to it clearly?

Everyone is intuitive, have you chosen to awaken yet?

This is the second of three perspective shifting, energy aligning, purpose awakening workshops that Renee and Murray will be running in November 2020, choose to do one or all three, take this as far as you need, it is all on offer. 

Included in your experience:
Ceremonial Energy Cleansing
Intuition Activation
Recorded Guided Meditations
Access to Online Video Tutorials
Vegetarian Lunch (Gluten/Dairy Free options)

Physical tools of confirmation
Practices to fine tune your intuition
Meditation Techniques
How to connect to your spirit guides
Practices to keep you connected to your intuition

Sat November 14 // 1pm- 6pm

$130 Unlimited Members

$150 Non-Members

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be requested in writing to hello@theomspace.com.au . Cancellations requested prior to 7days outside of the event are entitled to a 50% refund. Cancellations requested within 7days of the event forfeit all ticket costs, but may transfer their ticket to another name.