Hosted by Renee Wilkinson & Murray Smith

Overnight Experience

Are you ready to meet your SELF?

Receive the full potency of Murray & Renée’s offerings as they hold you in this overnight experience.

If you have the knowing within that there is work to be done, something is ready to shift but you need extra support:


This is for you. 


Murray & Renée call upon the spirit of all the plant medicines, interdimensional beings and the guides they sit with, to take you to a place of self realisation.


Clear the limiting beliefs that keep you on loop, say goodbye to the inner voice that is keeping you small, be guided into the ‘what’s next’. 


Remove the distractions of everyday life, be held by the clear air and journey with the plants. If you have heard of plant medicine before but are not quite ready to leap into the strong journeys, this is your next step.


Murray & Renée will guide you safely with:


  • Ceremonial Cacao

  • Blue Lotus

  • Other plants if you choose

  • Sound

  • Gentle Movement

  • Channelled Meditation

  • Energy Healing,

  • and of course The Dome. 


The intention of this ceremony is to reset and create space to hear the subtle guidance that is always with you. We will move through moments of sound healing with Yidaki, Shamanic Medicine Drumming, Singing Bowls, Icaros and Mantra interspersed with silence.


Ceremonial Grade Cacao beans hold many compounds that assist in creating a sensation of bliss and love.


It is also known to:

  • calm the nervous system,

  • increase creativity

  • assist with meditation and inner work

  • clear blocked/stuck emotions

  • increase connection to self and focus.

It is a plant medicine with a feminine spirit (hence ‘Mama Cacao’) and is a softer experience offering elevated bodily sensations without igniting any hallucinogenic or psychoactive properties.

Blue Lotus was used in Ancient Egyptian times for relaxation and elevated sense of euphoria.


Alongside many health benefits, this potent flower will guide you deeper into your meditation visions by allowing your body to deeply relax.

muzzrenee-50 (1).jpg

Renée and Murray have held space in intimate, private ceremonies with both soft and potent plant medicines, have held space for 1:1 healing sessions, yoga classes, large workshops and for up to 600 people in Full Moon beach meditations.


Their priority is opening safe energetic space for you to dive in.


They are humbled to continue the work from the lineage of mentors, curanderos and healers that have paved the path for them. Through their own personal daily connection practices they converse with beings from this plane and beyond, following the guidance to offer you exactly what is needed.


This is why you are here, you feel the connection to that energy and already feel that work happening.

During this experience:

We will enter this space together by starting a food fast mid-afternoon so our bodies are focusing on energy work rather than digestion.


We will provide more guidance around diet once you book in.



4pm: Arrival, settle in, any final light snacks consumed by 5pm.

6pm: Ceremony Begins



7am: Morning Integration Ceremony & Movement

9am: Light breakfast of fruits provided to break fast.

10am: Pack Up and Leave Site.

Post Ceremony on Sunday, if you feel the need for a meal, there are some yummy cafe’s 15min away in either Gloucester or Stroud.

All dates are below.


During this event you will be consuming high quality ceremonial grade cacao and asked to fast overnight. There are some medical conditions that may contraindicate this experience such as high blood pressure, frequent migraines, pregnancy, anxiety and other conditions where fasting for 12+hrs or Ceremonial dose of Cacao (45g) is not recommended. If you have any questions, please reach out prior to booking.





10 - 11 September 2022

15 - 16 October 2022

Click the date to book.

Shared Glamping Tents:

$315 per person

BYO Camping:

$215 per person

Join us.


This experience is being held at The Open Mind Space Dome, near Gloucester NSW.

Address will be given upon booking.

Before booking, please click here to read our full booking terms & conditions.


The Dome and retreat space is a portal where timelines blur and reality bends. It is an entity unto itself, an energy that Renee & Murray hold with grace, confidence and safety.


The accommodation, the offerings, the energy and detail that has gone into every aspect of the experience weaves together a journey, a healing, an opening through the layers of self to remember the peace and expansiveness that lies within.

~ Jess & Marco ~


Thank you so much for a magical mini weekend retreat. I felt super welcome, safe and held in the space.


The dome is a powerhouse of special energy, and the property itself feels all kinds of magical.


As a wordsmith, it’s a bit ridiculous that I don’t have the words to describe how amazing this experience was, so you’ll just have to take my word (ha!) for it and come see for yourself.

~ Amy ~