Inner Child Immersion JB.jpeg


with Jacqui Black
May 14, 2022 // 2.00 - 5.00pm

What ever happened to our zest for life, our childlike trust and our delicious boldness?

Bonding with our inner child not only brings back these long lost qualities but sets us free from the past as well. Inner Child Immersion invites you to remember your little one so you can walk the healing path back to your authentic self.


Through yoga, sound vibration, pranayama and guided meditation, you will recall your innocence, liberate the throat chakra and honour the gateway between the head and the heart.

We will follow the Yang energy by balancing out with Yin energy and work into a deep, slow release of the entire body. We tap into the wisdom of the child and call in trust, liveliness, curiosity, joy, clarity, wonder, lightness, purity, playfulness and openness; qualities we recognise in young children but that we somehow seem to have left behind in the process of growing up.

It’s never too late to go within and be the loving caregiver your inner child deserves. May you explore what it really means to be you during this immersion and express your truth in open-hearted ways.


Unlimited Members: $80

Non-Members: $90

This is an in person event at our studio in Newcastle, NSW.

Cancellation Policy: All bookings are final. No refunds are offered for change of mind. Any cancellation requests must be requested in writing to . Cancellations requested prior to 7 days outside of the event are entitled to a 50% refund. Cancellations requested within 7 days of the event forfeit all ticket costs, but may transfer their ticket to another name.