How to Practice Yoga Online

Click here to sign up to the Unlimited Weekly Online Yoga & Meditation subscription. 

Click here to sign up for your 24hr Day Pass. 

You will see a box like the one shown here that will ask you for your details.

  1. If you have a coupon code, enter it in the 'Coupon Code' box and click 'Apply'

  2. Enter your email address.

  3. You can choose to pay by either Credit Card or Paypal by clicking the checkbox below the email address field.

  4. Choose to subscribe to our newsletter, or not.

  5. Read and agree to the terms & conditions.

  6. If paying by card click 'Complete My Purchase'

  7. If paying by Paypal, click ' Paypal Checkout' - this will redirect you to Paypal to login & verify before coming back to this site.

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Once you have successfully entered your payment details you will see the following page  where you need t0 fill in the form with your name, set your password and click 'Create Account'.

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You will then be taken to your library where you will see your purchased products & subscriptions.

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To access your online classes, scroll down and then select 'Enter'

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This will take you to your online library of classes. Click on the category you'd like to practice.

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You can click on any class from here and you'll then be taken to the video player (see below).

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Press the big 'PLAY' arrow to play the class you've selected, or use the list to the right to select another class. You can easily keep track of which classes you have practiced by clicking on 'Mark As Complete' beneath the video player.

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To see the class description and to read or add any comments about the class you've selected, scroll down the page.

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You've now successfully subscribed and navigated to practice your first online class with us.


If you need help changing payment details or to cancel your subscription, please click here.