with Gabby Vinden & Benjamin MacGregor
August 7, 2021 // 4.00 - 7.00pm

Join Gabby Vinden (yoga teacher, reike practitioner, pranayama trainer, holistic dietitian, cacao facilitator) & Benjamin MacGregor (astrologer, life coach, yoga teacher, pranayama trainer) for a journey into the heart. 


Ceremonial grade cacao is an ancient powerful plant medicine that (with intention) helps open the heart chakra allowing you to deeply connect to yourself. Cacao has the ability to connect you to your inner spirit allowing wisdom, truth and clarity to flow through giving you a deeper understanding of who you are and what you truly wish to create.


Cosmically new moons are the start of a new cycle. It is the ripest time set intentions and step into new perspectives and goals that can be nurtured as the moon waxes to fullness.


This new moon is all about self-love and self-expression. The vibrant sign of Leo who is ruled by the sun gives us a sunshine like radiance and really lights us up from the inside, out. Shining a light for those things that have been glooming over us in darkness for the last few months.

In the lead up to this new moon our self-awareness has been extremely heightened. It’s likely you have been feeling like you’re wanting to express yourself more freely. This is the time to close those chapters of self-doubt so you can do exactly that.


The Moon is an archetype of emotions. She governs the ebb and flow of our moods, feelings and needs. Our lunar nature is concerned with feeling safe, secure and content and the Moon’s movement through the zodiac can describe how we create our sense of inner security.


Each new moon cacao ceremony is unique depending on the zodiac of the full moon and the energy in the room. Some of the healing modalities offered in ceremony include breathwork, visualisation, meditation, movement, releasing work, manifestation work, art therapy, chakra work, inner child work, connection activities & journaling. 


Join us for a transformative evening. You will be guided to connect with your intuition & release what no longer serves you.

Bookings are essential.


Unlimited Members: $88

Non-Members: $99

This is an in person event at our studio in Newcastle, NSW.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be requested in writing to . Cancellations requested prior to 7days outside of the event are entitled to a 50% refund. Cancellations requested within 7days of the event forfeit all ticket costs, but may transfer their ticket to another name.