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Online Courses & Workshops

Designed to open your heart and mind, these events and workshops will vary as we feel into what is best for us to offer you online. We may invite in different practitioners, instructors and creatives to come and share their knowledge and teachings with you.


The Open Mind Space is all about providing space for you to connect with other open(ing) minds as well.

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The Practical Guide to Manifesting

Through this online course you will understand what you are currently accepting as your reality and you will learn how to consciously shift and create a new one.

One that is in Universal alignment.

We teach you how to find and remain in flow state.

Awaken Your Intuition

This online workshop will teach you the physical tools to create clarity and confirmation of your own intuition. You'll learn how to connect with your spirit guides and how to create practices that will further awaken your intuition.


Lean In

This online workshop experience takes you further into understanding the deeper layers of the Universe, Energy, Co-Creation and the reason YOU are here.

Channeling Workshop

Channeling is using your physical body, voice or creative skills as a channel for energy that has non-physical form in this dimension.


To become a channel is to be of service to this world by bringing in energy that otherwise would not exist here and transmuting it into a form others can experience.


Opening Portals

Pregnancy is such a special time to tune into your body, mind, spirit and that of your growing baby.


Join Renée Wilkinson for this series specifically designed for women in all stages of pregnancy.


Learn how to safely practice with your changing body, how to calm your nervous system and how to tune into the energy of the new baby coming into your world.


This series will support you throughout your whole journey but also leave you feeling confident to modify as needed should you wish to attend a regular studio class.


I have the advantage of now being able to fit the classes I know and love around my schedule. Pre-corona I was constantly missing classes in the studio due to not finishing up at work in time, or not getting up early enough.


Now, working from home, I can work late when needed and still fit in yoga so I never slip out of the positive routine even when work gets busy (which is exactly when I need yoga the most). 


While I love practicing at a yoga studio with others, being at home allows me to go deeper and be curious with postures that perhaps in the studio we don’t get as much time to do.


I also like connecting with other students and just choosing a recorded class and just organising to do it at the same time. I have also had friends and family members join classes with me, around Australia and overseas!


I have been really enjoying it – had been meaning to come to Open Mind Space for a few months before COVID-19 so it feels like a nice way to ease in and get a feel for the classes to be honest!


Looking forward to accessing the other livestreams at various times, the combination of flow, yin and other bits and pieces is just excellent. Thanks a lot.


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