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Ep 44: We'll Let You Know When It Gets Weird

We'll Let You Know When It Gets Weird | Renee and Murray on the beach

Often when people come into the Open Mind Space studio, you can see they have a story burning to be shared. They'll lead with a pre-warning of sorts – something along the lines of, "This may sound weird....". Our reply is, and always will be: "We'll let you know when it gets weird. Hit us with it!"

The truth is, whatever you share, whatever comes next, it won't sound weird to us. Because we're in the same boat, friends.

To prove it, and because they realised recently that they haven't shared much of it on the Podcast before, Renee and Murray share some of their 'weird' in this episode: stories of their more bizarre experiences and "this is a little too real" moments with spirits, energies, and even some cheeky ghosts.

So, Renee and Murray promise this: we'll let you know when it really gets weird!

Want to dive a little deeper?

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  • Check out Episode 33 (with an open mind!) to hear more about how Renee and Murray fully embrace the weird and wonderful through their work outside of the 3D, physical realm

  • Check out Episode 37 where Renee shares her thoughts on distinguishing between imagination and reality when it comes to enhancing and interpreting your intuition


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