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Meditation: The Magic of Here and Now

The Magic of the Here and Now Meditation with Renee

Meditate with us on The Open Mind Space Podcast!

This Meditation is designed to help you open your energetic channel, tune into the magic of the here and now, and welcome opportunities of the highest alignment – a perfect meditative practice for the New Year!

This practice will ground you in the present moment as you call in new and aligned opportunities by clearing out the debris of limiting self-belief and energy blockages, as well as opening yourself up to the fullest experience. It's about dropping deeply into the now to truly witness the limitless possibilities before you.

Using the breath and visualisation, join Renee as she guides you through an opening of your own unique channel of energy and connection to source, enhancing your awareness of the expansive opportunities available to you in each and every moment.

Looking for more Open Mind Meditations? Access our on-demand meditation library!


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