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When the community locks down, we can still find connection.

It’s not the end, but simply a fresh new beginning for two of your favourite local fitness studios that have now gone virtual. With joint offerings and a new partnership, The Open Mind Space and The Movement Collective are proving that we’re stronger together, even at a socially acceptable distance!


In this new reality we are facing, at least for the foreseeable future, we are defined by our coming together, by our sense of community and connection. Two local businesses – The Open Mind Space and The Movement Collective – are at the forefront of a high-vibing “community over competition” framework.


It’s safe to say that these are uncertain times for many, and it’s amazing to see how quickly local businesses are adapting to change – and fast. From home-cooked meals delivered from our favourite cafes, to live-streamed performances and online health and fitness classes, people are well and truly banding together to think outside the box.


Husband-and-wife team Murray Smith and Renee Wilkinson from Broadmeadow-based yoga studio The Open Mind Space have been working tirelessly in the past few weeks with their studio manager, Cat Mead, to create and produce an online offering for their membership base. The studio is now part of Namastream, an online teaching platform that allows you to upload and stream fitness classes via video.

Across town, another couple Rod Cooper and Jeni Steep from The Movement Collective in Waratah have also transformed from a physical gym to a virtual model, delivering personal training sessions via Zoom, daily videos and live-streamed classes (with strength, mobility and skill work included in the program).  They are also offering connection calls to keep their community healthy and moving through the lockdown restrictions.

“To give even more value to our community, we’ve teamed up with The OM Space to give unprecedented access to what we both have to offer,” says Rod.


With the forced closure of gyms in Newcastle and around Australia, many people have waved goodbye to their fitness routine, not to mention some kind of daily structure while working from home and being encouraged not to leave the house. But these two businesses won’t stand for it, and are here to support the community through social connection and wellness practices online.


“While so many people are feeling disconnected, our two studios are seeing this as an opportunity for more connection, not less,” says Jeni.


Health authorities are urging everyone to stay fit and continue exercising, not just for their physical wellbeing but for their mental wellbeing as well. What better way to do that than from the comfort of your own home or backyard. Pants optional!


The Open Mind Space and The Movement Collective understand the value of moving your body as a vital way to improve emotional wellbeing, not to mention the importance of working together to navigate these unprecedented times.


“This is a new way of building business – working together to create a holistic offering to ensure the wellbeing of our communities,” says Renee. “By supporting the individual, we lift the wider community as a whole.”

For more information, quotes, and high-resolution photos, contact Renee Wilkinson.( or 02 4031 8784)

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