Episode 1

Hear about Murray's story, from drug and alcohol addiction, gangs and jail time in what he calls 'BY' (Before Yoga) to how he turned his life around to now run a successful wellness and yoga centre (The Open Mind Space). An inspiring story or creating a fulfilling life from rock bottom. 

Episode 2

Meet Renee, intuitive from a young age, hear how she tried to ignore her intuition, created a career behind the scenes in Australian TV dramas such as Home and Away, Doctor Doctor, only to have her life come crashing to ground zero due to an assault. Her rebuild realigned her to her purpose and ultimately the creation of The OM Space.

Episode 3

Meet Brett Campton, a member of The Open Mind Space, a drug and alcohol counsellor and a friend of Murray's from way back. Murray and Brett share their journey's through addiction, recovery and how yoga, meditation and spirituality led them to the fulfilling lives they have today.

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