The Yogic Practice of Pratyāhāra

with Tara South

February 6 // 12.00 - 3.30pm

Pratyāhāra is the practice of drawing in one's awareness. It is a process of retracting the sensory experience from external objects, bringing one’s attention inwards.


We will utilise the yogic practice of Pratyāhāra to explore self-knowledge, and discover the freedom in your inner world. These ancient practices aid us in bridging the gap between our external and internal self. 

What to expect:

  • We will discover what The Eight Limbs of Yoga are in brief, then we dive deep into the world of the 5th Limb - Pratyāhāra. 

  • A brief discussion around our Yogic practice of Pratyāhāra

  • All practices focusing within the sensory system


What to bring:

  • Journal and Pen 

Sat February 6 // 12.00pm - 3.30pm



$55 Unlimited Members

$60 Non Members

This is an in person workshop at our studio in Newcastle, NSW

About Tara:

​Through her 20 years of discipline to the art of yoga, and more recent trauma therapy background, Tara has deepened, discovered and expanded. This is her path and it is ever-evolving. It's what she shares with you on and off the mat. It's the REAL DEAL! To simply observe and let the truth unravel, allowing us to build and deepen connections.

As well as teaching all levels of Yoga, Tara is proof that living healthily means living happily – even a little crazily!

'Yoga is not what I do, it's my lifestyle. It’s my medicine, my rituals, my guidance, my coming home. My passion is to share it with the world.'

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be requested in writing to . Cancellations requested prior to 7days outside of the event are entitled to a 50% refund. Cancellations requested within 7days of the event forfeit all ticket costs, but may transfer their ticket to another name. 

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