The Open Mind Space is for the student, the teacher, the soul searcher.

A place to connect with a conscious community and grow into your full potential.


We offer yoga, meditation, movement classes, events and personal healing. Our intention for The O.M. Space is to approach self-development, wellness and spirituality with an open mind, making its tools and concepts, simple, approachable and accessible to all.

We could say the sky is the limit… but it’s really not. Together, let’s look to the edges of the Universe and beyond.

Our teachers and practitioners are all on their own journey of growth, and are here to hold space and welcome you to explore inner and outer worlds.


Click through the links below to meet our people, view the timetable, and read more about how The Open Mind Space came to be.

Our Manifesto


No matter your age, gender, income, world view, beliefs, what you wear, who you love, where you live, why you’ve come… The Open Mind Space is here for you. Whether you’re not quite sure about the whole ‘woo-woo’ side of things, or you wholeheartedly accept the existence of unicorns and dragons (they are both totes real), you are welcome here. Let’s experience, share, connect, learn and grow together.

Our wish for the Open Mind Space:

  • To create a safe environment that is free from judgement, welcoming everyone (or everything!)

  • To support each other through learning, teaching and sharing

  • To understand that everyone is equal, and each human adds value to the space

  • To create a shift in the wider community, by uplifting the individual

  • To support the growth of conscious community, in Newcastle and beyond.

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Our teachers are passionate about sharing and learning.


They bring their own unique life experiences to their teachings and are here to ensure you have a safe and supportive environment for your open-minded explorations.


Murray Smith


Coming from a background in construction with a passion for surfing, Murray totally understands the need to maintain a healthy body. On a deeper level and through his own life experiences, he also knows how important it is to maintain mental wellness.


Murray is extremely passionate about men’s mental wellness, connecting people to nature, aiding people in rediscovering their true selves, and cultivating a safe environment in which people can continue to build a healthy relationship with their mind, body, and spirit. He builds smart programs and classes tailored to achieve long-term benefits.


Murray offers one-on-one sessions and healing Thai Yoga Massage. Find out more about his sessions here.

You can find Murray teaching the following weekly classes:

Tuesday - 6am - Open Heated

Wednesday - 5.30pm Open Heated

Thursday - 6am - Open Heated

Sunday - 8.30am - Open

Bookings are essential - click here.


Renée Wilkinson


Renée has been working in areas of complementary therapy and healing for more than ten years. In 2014, yoga became Renée’s go-to moving through PTSD. It helped her re-connect her mind and body, and she is now honoured to share and create a similar experience for you.


Renée combines her yoga studies with her intuition and insights to deliver classes that go beyond the purely physical experience.


Renée is also a Kinesiologist and Energy Healer, offering sessions in our upstairs treatment rooms. Find out more about her Kinesiology practice here.

Renee is currently on maternity leave! Don't worry she'll be back and we'll let you know when she's back to teaching regular classes.

Our People


Cat Mead

Yoga Teacher & Studio Manager

Cat began teaching yoga in 2015 at a time when she was looking for change and a deeper experience with life. Since her first real introduction to yoga in 2013, she has spent much time testing and trying different styles of yoga, and has since found that her love and strength is in the simplicity of it. But you still might find her at a hot, sweaty heated class too.


Yin Yoga is Cat's favourite, to both practice and teach, and after a few years of finding her feet with her teaching style, she has decided to focus on yin while still getting creative with flow.


Cat's other strengths lie in her ability to organise, be creative, make music and support people in their growth. In her role as studio manager she gets to do all of this and call it 'work'. Check out her yin and creative stuff.

You can find Cat teaching the following weekly classes:

Monday - 4pm - Yin

Tuesday - 4pm - Yin

Friday - 6pm - Yin & Meditation

Sunday - 5.30pm - Yin

Bookings are essential - click here.


Stella Umeh

Yoga Teacher

Stella has been a committed yoga practitioner for more than 15 years and loves to share her love for the practice teaching classes & workshops all over the world to anyone who has a thirst to live a life of breath and elevated fluidity.

As the most prolific gymnast in Canadian history, Stella championed the stage with several stints at the Commonwealth Games, World Championships, and a trip to Barcelona, Spain for the 1992 Olympic Games. Stella wrapped up her International career with an all-time honoured college career and UCLA as a ten time All-American and NCAA Champion leading her to her 2012 UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame induction.

Stella recently wrapped up a 13-year love affair with Cirque Du Soleil where she became the only female artist to master virtually every single female role in the touring show Varekai. Taking her from being a key participant in the creation of the show to mastering the role as the lead female clown understudy. Stella's knowledge was not limited to on-stage performance. She held the positions of choreography assistant and artist integration supervisor.

Stella is truly a consummate “Jack of all Trades,” and it is precisely this label that prompted her to start her own company and wellness brand: The Ivory Elephant Group.

You can find Stella teaching the following weekly classes:

Tuesday - 10am - Flow & Release

Wednesday - 10am - Flow & Release

Thursday - 5.30pm - Open

Bookings are essential - click here.

Jacqui Black

Yoga Teacher

Jacqui comes from an extensive and classically trained dance background and as a result has a strong awareness of body conditioning and expressive movement.

Jacqui’s yoga journey commenced in 2009 when she first discovered Bikram yoga and the benefits of Asana. After some time living abroad, Jacqui returned to Australia on a deeper quest of self healing and yoga therapy. This is where she did her initial teacher training and devoted her life to giving and sharing the practice of yoga.


She has a love for mindful movement and deep relaxing yin practices, however her passion for teaching is in dynamic power flows where she draws inspiration from dance, martial arts and many styles of yoga. She has spent the past twelve months travelling the world experiencing, training and practicing yoga within a variety of cultures.


Now she brings an attitude of self discovery, challenge, fun and consciousness to her classes.

You can find Jacqui teaching the following weekly classes:

Monday - 6am - Open

Monday - 10am - Flow & Release

Monday - 5.30pm - Open

Wednesday - 6am - Open

Wednesday - 7pm - Yin

Thursday - 7pm - Yin (from Feb 11)

Bookings are essential - click here.

Meet Brooke.jpg

Brooke Barrett

Yoga Teacher

Brooke is a devoted student and dedicated teacher of the practice of yoga.


Since Brooke’s first introduction to yoga, she has devoted her life to learning everything she can about this practice.


She strives to make yoga accessible yet challenging and encourages you to look beyond the asana. By combining yoga philosophy through stories and ancient myths, Brooke invites relevance and a tangible approach to experience the state of yoga.

You can find Brooke teaching the following weekly classes:

Tuesday - 5.30pm - Open

Friday - 10.00am - Flow & Release

Saturday - 7.00am - Open

Bookings are essential - click here.


Tara South

Yoga Teacher

Yoga is not what I do, it's my lifestyle. It’s my medicine, my rituals, my guidance, my coming home. My passion is to share it with the world.

Through my 20 years of discipline to the art of yoga, and my more recent trauma therapy background, I have deepened, discovered and expanded. This is my path and it is ever-evolving. It's what I share with you on and off the mat. It's the REAL DEAL! To simply observe and let the truth unravel, allowing us to build and deepen connections


You will be challenged in your own practice whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, you can enjoy a beautiful vinyasa flow practice delivered with lightness and a sense of humor or guided through a deeply nourishing yin journey as you uncover and discover all of the parts to yourself. As well as teaching all levels of Yoga, I am proof that living healthily means living happily – even a little crazily!

You can find Tara teaching the following classes for a limited time:

Tuesday - 7pm - Yin (from Feb 9)

Saturday - 8.30am - Flow & Release

Bookings are essential - click here.

Louis Hill

Yoga Teacher

Yoga has allowed Louis to experience vast empowerment and profound healing in both body and mind. He teaches a fluid and powerful vinyasa that encourages exploration, as well as yin, the yoga of deep restoration. Louis became a yoga teacher in 2014 and had been immersed in learning ever since.


He is inspired by Nicole Walsh, Rod Galbraith and Mel McLaughlin. Louis draws from his honours degree in Psychology and Philosophy, and his continuing success as an endurance triathlete. Louis believes we can fall in love with every moment when we pay attention.


Louis is deeply passionate about living his best self. He believes in and encourages living in vitality and clarity every single day. Louis gets excited by both the heating and the cooling aspects of yoga, and how these energies work to create intimate self-expression. 

You can find Louis teaching the following weekly classes:

Thursday - 10.00am - Flow & Release

Friday - 6.00am - Open

Bookings are essential - click here.


Tara-Lee Bagnall

Yoga Teacher

Tara, the founder of Ohm Wellness, started her yoga journey more than 11 years ago. At the time, she was a busy single mother of her three beautiful children.

Her life came to a rapid halt when she found herself hospitalized requiring heart surgery. Quite a big shock! Life delivered her the experience that caused her to really pause and examine the path she was on, for her and her children. It was made quite clear to her that she needed to start to really take care of herself.

She had always wanted to try yoga, but had never found the time. Now was the time!

She found her local community yoga and simply committed to a weekly class. The benefits mentally were amazing. She continued just with a weekly class for years and then after a break when she had her fourth child with her husband, she finally returned and was ready for more.

Tara completed her initial training with Karl Jaross, the founder of Yoga Body Works in Newcastle. Training in Yin & Yang Yoga, following the lineage of Baron Baptiste’s Power Yoga and Paul Grilley’s Yin Yoga.

Tara is also constantly absorbing and learning from mentors such as Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nat Hahn and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Her personal practice is ever-evolving, adding much richness and personal experience to her teachings.

You can find Tara teaching the following classes each week:

Sunday - 8.30am - Open

Bookings are essential - click here.

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