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How to use the Momence booking system

This guide will walk you through the how-to of booking into a studio or on-demand class with us.

First you will see instructions for booking via the Momence app, and further down on the page are instructions for booking via your web browser.

We highly recommend using the app, but you need to have an account with us first. For your first booking, click here.

Then you can download the Momence app on the Apple App Store for iPhone or on Google Play for Android.

Please click here for our full booking terms & conditions.

Using the Momence App

Note: you MUST have an account to use the Momence app.

For first-time bookings, use a web browser on your computer or phone.

How to book a class using a membership:

How to cancel a booked class:

How to book a casual class:

How to buy a membership:

How to book into an event:


Booking through the website.

How to book into a class:

How to book into an event:

How to purchase an Intro Offer:

How to purchase Unlimited Studio Membership:

How to purchase 10-Class Pass:

How to cancel a class:

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