• Renee Wilkinson

How to: Cleanse Your Crystals!

Cleanse your crystals!

They work hard for you and can store/build up some funky energy, especially if they are in protection mode or on your body frequently.

Here are some ways you can cleanse your crystals:

-Sunlight, a good dose of the rays for a few hrs.

-Full Moon Light, on your window sill or outside

-Salt Water (Ocean is best), but you can make your own salty mix. If using a mix at home be sure to pour the water out onto the Earth, not down your sink!

-Palo Santo or Sage, use the smoke to cleanse.

-Bury them in Earth - X marks the spot!

-Intention *holding your crystal, envision it being cleansed internally and externally*.

We like to cleanse our crystals every Full Moon. It’s an easy reminder and keeps them in tip top shape.

How do you cleanse yours?


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