Yoga Class Types


Stretch out fascia and muscles with this opportunity to cultivate stillness in the body and mind.

All levels.

Open (Flow)

Flowing sequences that can improve everyday movement. Safely push to your edge so you know you can go beyond. Classes are typically Vinyasa Yoga infused with your teachers unique training. Pose options for beginners up to more advanced practitioners will be offered. All Levels.

Flow & Release

Open vinyasa flow followed by a releasing yin practice.

All levels.

The Open Mind Space 2020 Photo One Stop


Explore skills and tools to develop and maintain your own unique meditation practice. Be guided by our experienced teachers.

All levels - Upstairs Studio

The Open Mind Space 2020 Photo One Stop

Chakra Flow

Use this sequence to get in touch with your energy centers and channel more creativity, confidence, and joy into your life.


Chakra yoga poses help add mental, spiritual, and physical balance, as well as promote good energy flow and focus.


All levels.


Funky Flow

Switching up the practice is not only a great physical challenge but also a mental one. We incorporate more core activation, glute work and yoga poses that you won’t see coming.


Learning unique variations will force you to really pay attention and focus on your body.


All levels.


Gentle Flow

A class that allows students to gently flow to perfectly connect the mind, body and breath.


Discover the tenderness of movement through soft postures and stability work to allow you to sink deep into your practice.


All levels (upstairs)

gentle flow.jpg


For those looking to start their yoga journey, a class that's specifically designed for beginner practitioners. Whether this is your first or tenth class, this session is perfect for those looking to discover the basics of yoga and to be guided along the start of their yoga path. 


All levels (upstairs)



Tara invites experienced yoga practitioners only for this energetic class, challenging students through dynamic flows to push their practice to the next level.


Expect a lot of energy, sweat and good belly laughs!

Experienced Practitioners Only (upstairs)


Community Class

Join up-and-coming yoga teachers and teachers in training for this community yoga class.

All levels - runs fortnightly

Class is FREE - Donations Appreciated.


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if a class states ‘heated’ it means the room will be at approx. 28 degrees celsius for the duration. We use state-of-the-art FAR infrared heaters.  Infrared heat is different to conventional heat. It’s radiant, just like the sun. This means it heats up objects, rather than the air. That way, the air stays dry and cool, while the surrounding environment heats up. The heat emitted is absorbed deeply into your body, providing a therapeutic and detoxifying effect that helps strengthen the immune system and eliminate toxins, such as pollutants, heavy metals, and other nasty substances.