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Ep 39: Retreat Reflections | Manifesting Weekend at Sunquncha Temple

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Sunquncha Temple | Manifesting Weekend Retreat

Our recent Manifesting Weekend at Sunquncha Temple was a retreat five years in the making. There is something so affirming, awe-inspiring and magical about sitting in a moment you've envisioned for years (especially when it's beyond what your mind could have imagined!).

It was back in 2017 that Renee first started sharing our manifesting technique as a workshop. And, well... after our Weekend Retreat, we have absolutely no idea how we managed to fit everything into just three hours!

We are so grateful to those who joined us for the weekend and who dove head-first into the experience.

We wanted to share some of our takeaways from the Retreat with you...

1. Manifesting is illogical

The sooner you can let go of trying to figure out the logic and the 'how', and instead keep focussing on how your manifestation will feel, the quicker the magic happens and the easier it becomes.

2. Manifestation feels uncomfortable

There's a level of discomfort that comes from trying to create a reality beyond what currently exists. Manifesting quite literally requires you to lean into your edge of discomfort in order to grow and to witness what is outside of your peripheral vision.

3. Courage and trust are required

When using muscle testing and/or your pendulum to tap into your highest self especially! As one retreater put it, "It takes building a solid rapport" when it comes to your testing and accessing your higher self. To begin with, it absolutely takes a truckload of trust, some courage, and some time — after years of experience, we now deeply trust the process.

4. 'For your highest good' won't always lead you down the easiest path

Sometimes, your 'for your highest good' actually looks like you heading head-first into the mud for growth and the attainment of some vital life skills.

5. When surrogate testing, establish the hierarchy that most resonates

If you're surrogate testing for your business or for your family, and especially if you're getting answers, first establish the hierarchy that resonates most with your life: what's the priority?

For us, it's always our family unit first and foremost - so when we're muscle testing, we're always asking, "What's for the highest good of the family unit?" And that answer will always trump the business or us as individuals, as if the family unit's rock solid, it's best for everything else!

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to share the manifestation techniques that we live by to navigate through this world ourselves, as well as see them create change for others.

Manifesting won't happen overnight. But, with dedication and consistency, manifesting (which is ultimately aligning with your truest frequency) allows you to experience a life that is so far beyond what seems possible to the logical mind.

If you want to learn more about our manifesting techniques:

  • Check out Episode 35 of the Podcast to learn more about our guide to manifesting

  • Join our online workshop, The Practical Guide to Manifesting

  • Join us at our next Manifesting Weekend Retreat - 2024 dates TBA! Sign up for the Sunquncha Temple newsletter to stay in the loop and be the first to find out more!


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