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Ep 47: Initiation | Stepping into Plant Ceremonies

Updated: May 15

Initiation & Stepping Into Plant Ceremonies | Renee and Murray on The Open Mind Podcast

In this episode of the Open Mind Space Podcast, Renee and Murray share with you the intention behind their popular overnight immersion, Initiation.

Held at Sunquncha Temple, Initiation is an opportunity to clear the limiting beliefs that keep you on loop, say goodbye to the inner voice that is keeping you small, and be guided into the ‘what’s next’... And an introduction, or stepping stone, into plant ceremonies.

Offering an altered state of consciousness through Spiritus Breathwork and without psychedelic compounds (instead, we use Ceremonial Cacao and Blue Lotus), Initiation is where you can experience the ceremonial energy of this altered state – and its ability to clear and prepare you for integration – without taking your hands off the wheel.

We wanted to provide a bridging experience whilst also enabling a profound shift in perspective and awareness to all who attend; an opportunity to take time out of your daily life to clean the slate and quieten down the distractions so that you can hear what it is that your higher self is trying to communicate with you. An opportunity for continuation of your self-work, with support from us, from the Dome (aka Sunquncha), and from the land.

Want to dive a little deeper?

  • Join us at Sunquncha Temple for our next Initiation

  • Check out Episode 39 to hear Renee & Murray's reflections on another of our immersive events: our 2023 Manifesting Weekend (2024 dates TBA! Sign up for the Sunquncha Temple newsletter to stay in the loop and be the first to find out more!)

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