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Ep 46: Permission to Evolve

Permission to Evolve | Renee and Murray on The Open Mind Podcast

Listen to this episode here! *Trigger warning: This podcast episode contains a discussion around Renee's healing from sexual assault trauma (10:17-13:02)

Consider this your permission to evolve...

Self-evolution – that gradual development of, and a return to, self – is, we believe, the shedding of that next layer, and everything that comes along with it.

"From your past emerges the present, and from the present is born your future." –Muhammad Iqbal.

In this episode of the Open Mind Space Podcast, Renee and Murray share their experiences of giving themselves 'permission to evolve' and witnessing others evolve... and others resist evolution.

Sometimes, evolving can look like having to let go of the parts of yourself that you actually really like in order to step into the parts of yourself that you just know are a 'full body yes'.

Sometimes, evolving looks like stepping outside of our comfort zone, and instead bumping into our ego and some uncomfortable emotions around our past stories, and how we view ourselves and our place in the world. The ego can get in the way with its rigid stories of "but we know that this way works", but evolving allows us to see what new possibilities lay on the other side.

Sometimes, evolving looks scary and hard. It brings up our fear of the unknown, our laziness and resistance to discipline around creating change, and our addiction to the stories or beliefs of the past... but we see it as a 'having to travel through the mud to get to the lotus' kinda thing: something beautiful is waiting for us.

Evolving isn't always easy, but – in order to create an expansive life that connects you to something higher, something bigger than yourself – it's necessary.

*Resources for Support:

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