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You Can Tell Your Crystals What To Do.

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Did you know you can tell your crystals what to do?

I first learnt about programming crystals from my Kinergetics Teacher (and all around wizard) Dave. Amongst his wall of energetic tools collected over decades of work, he had a shelf of clear quartz crystals in different tubes with labels of hormones, organs, sensitivities. He would use them in his 1on1 sessions but the explanation never went any further.

A few years after I finished studying with him I called him up, ‘Dave, I want to add those labelled crystals to my toolkit.’ I was met with a few moments of silence, ‘That’s not part of the course, Renée… but since you asked.’

Sidenote if you are ever in awe of a teacher/mentor skills, ask them to teach you. The way they light up sharing their magic is contagious.

The day I spent with Dave learning how to program crystals to specific vibrations was otherworldly. Specifically we were programming small clear quartz crystals to vibrations of hormones and glands.

You can also program crystals for protection, amplifiers, reminders of unconditional love and it is all super easy.

To Program a crystal:

Hold the crystal and drop into your meditation space, a few deep breaths or perhaps a guided meditation.

State: ‘I demand and command, the molecular and energetic structure of this crystal, now be activated to its fullest potential. I demand and command it to align to the vibration and purpose of (insert purpose here: eg. energy protection, holding the vibration of love etc).’

That is it.

We have programmed and set up crystals in the space to cleanse energy as people walk in, protect us all from external funky vibes, to recharge you (hello recharge station!), to protect us while we sleep, to hold the vibration of unconditional love and to keep the cash flow open and strong (yup you can program crystals to help you with cash flow).

When working with crystals always remember to give them a cleanse (check out our cleansing crystal blog here), we cover crystal programming, grids and cleansing as part of our online ‘Lean In’ course which you can also check out here.

So turns out crystals aren’t just pretty shelf ornaments, they have an innate purpose (which you will find in books like ‘The Crystal Bible’, BUT you an also program them to work FOR you.

Happy playing!


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