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Ep 45: Living With An Intuitive

Living with an Intuitive | Renee and Murray at Sunquncha Temple

Wondering what it's like living with an intuitive? There are possibly no experts on this topic quite like our very own, very tuned-in, Renee and Murray.

Since having met in 2017, these two intuitives have spent a lot of time together, mastering the art of – for lack of a better term – reading each others' minds. And, as Renee says, it's pretty fun!

In this episode of the Open Mind Space Podcast, Renee and Murray share their experiences and interview one another on exactly what it's like to live with an intuitive: exploring the duality of the upsides and the challenges or "chaos", supporting one another's flow state, and consistently harnessing connection, harmony and ease.

Want to dive a little deeper?

  • Check out Episode 37 of the Podcast, where we explore enhancing and interpreting intuition, and Renee shares her thoughts on distinguishing between imagination and reality

  • Check out this special Meditation Episode on activating your intuition, and be guided through a connection to your intuitive self

  • Check out Episode 33 (with an open mind!) to hear more about how Renee and Murray fully embrace the weird and wonderful together through the work they do

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