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Yoga Philosophy: Satya

In his book 'Light on Yoga', B.K.S. Iyengar says that 'truth is the highest rule of conduct or morality'.

Satya (truth) is the second of the Yamas (ethical disciplines) and Iyengar goes on to say that 'if the whole life is based on truth, then one becomes fit for union with the Infinite'.⁠ ⁠

Ok, so what does that mean?⁠

Living in truth closely resembles the idea of living a life of flow. It's not about being brutally honest in our lives to the detriment of others. It comes down to being aligned in the life you are living. Speaking, thinking and acting with integrity and in alignment for the Universal good.⁠

This doesn't necessarily mean that we forsake our needs for the greater good, but it means that when are living in flow with the one collective of life, love and truth, we will find that we automatically attain the things we desire, the things we need and we find that ourselves and others respect our words, actions and boundaries.⁠ ⁠

What are your thoughts on this Yama? ✨

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